Heine Associates, P.A.

Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management for Owners of Buildings and Co-Op/Condo Apartments

A successful construction project is one which delivers a design that meets the aesthetic and functional needs of the Owner, and is completed on time and within budget.

We offer the Owner the transactional project oversight which complements the services of the design professional, and which experience proves is essential to success.

Menu Of Transactional Services Offered:

  • Preparation/Review of Contract Documents (exclusive of design specifications/drawings) such as:

    • Owner - Architect/Engineer
    • Owner - Contractor(s)/Construction Manager
    • Owner - Designer


  • Other Documents Prepared and/or Reviewed

    • General Conditions
    • Progress Schedules (including critical path method planning)
    • Schedule of Values
    • Change Orders or Modifications


  • Contract Processes Supervised

    • Partnering
    • Bidding/Negotiation
    • Award
    • Scheduling and coordination of multi-prime contractors
    • Modifications (Work, Price, Time)
    • Liens
    • Terminations
    • Claims
    • Surety Participation
    • Dispute Resolution


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