Heine Associates, P.A.

Construction Services To Owners (Including Condominium Associations)

A successful construction project is one which:

  • delivers a design that meets the aesthetic and functional needs of the Owner;
  • is completed on time;
  • is completed within budge; and
  • meets the quality standard.

We offer the Owner the essential project legal oversight which complements the services of the architect/engineer.

Services Offered:

  • Preparation/Review of Contract Documents (exclusive of design specifications/drawings) such as:
    • Owner - Architect/Engineer
    • Owner - Contractors
    • Owner - Construction Manager
    • Owner - Designer
  • Other Documents Prepared and/or Reviewed
    • General Conditions
    • Progress Schedules (including critical path method planning)
    • Schedule of Values
    • Change Orders or Modifications
  • Contract Processes Supervised
    • Partnering
    • Bidding/Negotiation
    • Award
    • Scheduling and coordination of multi-prime contractors
    • Modifications (Work, Price, Time)
    • Liens
    • Terminations
    • Claims
    • Surety Participation
    • Dispute Resolution

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