Heine Associates, P.A.

Construction Services

HEINE ASSOCIATES, P.A. focuses its law practice on matters arising out of contract law, construction/design contracts and claims. The Firm represents public entities and private parties in State, Federal, administrative, arbitration and mediation forums. Representative scope of our engagements include:

  • Public Bidding Disputes
  • Preparing and negotiating contract documents (excluding plans and specifications).
  • Representation of general contractors, owners, and specialty subcontractors, sureties, design professionals in public and private construction projects, including utility, heavy civil, power, transportation, bridges, highways, health care, educational, penal, modular, building and remediation.
  • Terminations for default and/or convenience. Experience with preparation, resolution and negotiation of termination settlement proposals.
  • Building and site design defect issues, negligent site investigation, defective and incomplete design drawings, and damages stemming from inefficiencies, changes and delays.
  • Subcontract cases involving failures to make payment, delay and inefficiency claims, Miller Act litigation, "little Miller Act," payment and performance bond, and breach of contract suits.
  • Analysis of complex construction and design contract cost overruns to determine causes, assign responsibility, prepare written claim submissions, or to develop defensive claims, including selection, assignment and supervision of cost and critical path method scheduling experts.
  • Litigating design professional malpractice
  • Representative Clients/Engagements

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