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The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act provides strong consumer and customer protection for victims damaged by deceptive business practices in connection with the sale or advertisement of any merchandise, real estate, as well as products or services.  The remedies of the Consumer Fraud Act threaten the wrong doer not only treble damages (actual damages times 3), but also the recovery, by the victim, of reasonable attorneys fees.


The consumer fraud act has been found to have been violated where:

  1. the consumer has been misled, deceived, or damaged as a result of affirmative acts of unconscionable commercial practice, deception, and misrepresentation, or
  2. Where the wrongdoer intentionally fails to disclose material information which has a capacity to mislead. 

Most importantly, when found to have been violated, the Consumer Fraud Act can pierce the armor of a corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Company) behind which violators would otherwise find protection. 

The Consumer Fraud Act is often an appropriate and cumulative remedy claims arising out of real estate development and sales transactions, as well as commercial and residential home improvement construction. 

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