Heine Associates, P.A.


The development, sale(residential or commercial), & commercial landlord tenant contracts commonly present issues, strategies, & claims.  This activity routinely addresses delivery, performance, maintenance, construction issues, as well as the performance evaluation and accountability of regulated parties who service the real estate industry(such as brokers & Licensed Home Inspectors).
Sellers of real estate have duties of disclosures addressed specifically by New Jersey statute, Administrative Code & case law.  The obligations of real estate brokers/agents to their principals, as well as other parties to the transaction are also frequently well defined.  The services of New Jersey Licensed Home Inspectors are also governed by New Jersey Administrative Code provisions which address both the engagement of the Inspector, as well as the scope and detail of Home Inspector services. 
The scope of this firm’s services has routinely included

  • negotiation and drafting of contracts (including commercial leases);
  • the prosecution or defense of claims arising out of the broad spectrum of contracts, commercial leases, & professional service agreements in the sale, development and commercial leasing of real estate.  The professional service agreements and performances addressed often include:

    • real estate brokers and agents;
    • Licensed Home Inspectors;
    • design professionals responsible for real estate improvement;
    • Title companies; and
    • Property insurance