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Mediator Testimonials by Participating Attorneys

Heine Associates, P.A. proudly shares testimonial comments appearing in letters written by attorneys participating in mediations conducted by I. Michael Heine.

To the Court:
. . . the resolution of this matter at this stage of the proceedings, which could not have been accomplished without Mr. Heine's involvement and intense effort, will result not only in saving the expense of preparing for and presenting the case at trial, but will also avoid the cost of deposing the numerous experts in this case . . . The reason it worked in this case is due largely to Mr. Heine's ability, effort and determination.
Daniel Q. Harrington, Esq.
Westmont, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY
To the Court:
The depth of Mr. Heine's knowledge of the law, experience as an attorney, and acumen in connection with the technical and business issues presented in this matter was invaluable to the meaningful Mediation he conducted. Moreover, his commitment to the mediation process, and most importantly, his commitment to keeping the parties committed to the mediation process, yielded the resolution of this matter.
Joseph A. Daly, Esq.
Collingswood, NJ; Philadelphia, PA
To the Court:
After a series of extensive mediation sessions, as Your Honor is aware, this case did resolve . . . Mr. Heine was well prepared and thoughtful in his approach which kept the process alive . . .
Robert G. Devine, Esq.
Philadelphia, PA; Westmont, NJ
To the Court:
Thank you so very much for your extremely competent services in bringing this matter to an amicable conclusion.
Gerard H. Hanson, Esq.
Princeton, NJ
To the Court:
. . . the assistance of Mediator Michael Heine was invaluable in the resolution of this matter.
Peter J. Smith, Esq.
Roseland, NJ
To the Court:
Extremely difficult case . . . injuries alleged were significant . . . Contractual indemnification claims ran between insurance policies . . . there were a dozen and more exits for the defendants to take. In hindsight, however, Mr. Heine's handling of the claim was masterful. By avoiding a stampede into the unknown but firmly guiding the parties to complete their discovery, Mr. Heine created an environment conducive to conflict resolution.
Barry D. Cohen, Esq.
Northfield, NJ
To the Court:
I would echo the sentiments expressed by Mr. Harrington and likewise would commend Mr. Heine for providing the impetus for settlement of the above claims. Certainly, the Mediation process and the efforts of Mr. Heine provided the basis for the most cost efficient means in resolving these suits and the conservation of judicial resources.
Alfred J. Quasti, Jr., Esq.

Cherry Hill, NJ
You kept the faith when some of us wavered.
James Burbage, Esq.
Edison, NJ
I want to personally thank you for the outstanding job you did in mediating the dispute . . . It was without a doubt the best mediation session I have ever participated in. You were excellent. You were able to identify the issues, eliminate all the unnecessary baggage and get each side to compromise to resolve the matter.
Mario A. Iavicoli, Esq.
Haddonfield, NJ
To the Court:
. . . writing this letter to make you aware of the exceptional and remarkable efforts of Michael Heine . . . in connection with a recent settlement of the above matter.
Stuart A. Wilkins, Esq.
Berlin, NJ
To the Court:
Mr. Heine did a splendid job in working through the difficult issues associated with this litigation.
Fredric L. Bor, Esq.
Cherry Hill, NJ

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